OSPIN User Interface

The OSPIN approach to bioprocess control

While all our bioprocesses are conducted in the closed system of our bioreactors, they are designed, executed and managed via our modern, browser-based user interface. Via any modern browser (e.g. Chrome) the process can be managed, the data reviewed and downloaded.


Our approach

  • OSPIN webapp is the future Programming language for biologists
  • Recipe based approach- multi steps recipe based
  • Conditional programming of your bioprocess (for and if conditions)
  • introduce ad hoc changes to adapt your challenges of your bioprocess.
  • All data is accessible and stored in the cloud
  • Can be adapted to your Local server storage


  • All data and logs are synchronized and timestamped

Modern, web-based user interface

 All our devices and services are controlled via a web-based platform that allows you to easily create, run and control bioprocesses. All data are stored in the OSPIN cloud and are only accessible to you and your team.

With a fully customizable UI, access your target devices, processes, and data from any device while retaining all of your layout settings. Whether you are on your phone, office computer, or tablet at home: our customized interface will ensure you can cut through the noise with your tailored views.

OSPIN user interface : web browser app plus cloud

  • User friendly! No cables and no long training sessions required.
  • User management : User permissions can be set according to roles (e.g. Admin, operator, viewer) 
  • Programming of control set points according to a profile set by the Admin or a previous batch file
  • Easily accessible via your browser on your phone, computer or tablet.
  • Can be connected to unlimited number of devices in your lab.
  • Adaptable to any device e.g. can be integrated to 3rd party devices of other companies devices or your current bioprocessing device.
  • All of your bioprocess parameters are remotely controlled and customized via OSPIN webapp.
  • Alert management : The user can activate alerts for the correction and control of the bioprocess parameters (temperature, pH, …)

Customize the user interface to your needs!

The data viewer for running processes can be customized to your personal needs. While the data of all sensors and actuators are available, you can focus on only the ones that count for you.


Maintain control of all your processes

All planned, running and past processes are easily accessible in the device overview. Data associated with theses processes is saved in the OSPIN cloud and can be downloaded and shared to other user of OSPIN bioreactors at all times.

All of your process data at one glance…


… and as much detail as you need.