Based on OSPIN vision to engage with more researchers to get together the best outcome for their bioprocess . OSPIN participated in the 7th annual GSCN Conference in Berlin with 400 scientists, 66 selected talks, 5 keynotes, 124 poster, 29 exhibitors, different workshops, a Non-PI meeting, an ELSA symposium, a public event with new GSCN videos and all and everybody circling around stem cells

OSPIN was represented by OSPIN CEO : Jan Saam he is also the founder of OSPIN and Carlotta from the engineering team at OSPIN,they introduced to the researchers in GSCN : OSPIN modular bioreactors and answered all of their questions regarding the impact of using the modular bioreactors and the different concepts which OSPIN can implement on a bioreactor.

Customize your own Bioreactor : The reasearchers experienced OSPIN model of Customize your bioreactor with an onsite explanataion by Jan on one of OSPIN modular bioreactors.