On-Demand Automation

Automate your manual bioprocess

Modern bioprocesses, especially in the field of cell therapy, are still mostly manual. This represents a big challenge when trying to scale-up the bioprocesses.

Bioprocess automation makes biological processes more reproducible, of higher quality and less expensive, and eventually reduces the companies time to money.

OSPIN offers you:

  • Automation of manual procedures – Tasks that are usually done manually, such as media exchange or transferring cells from one reservoir to another, are performed by OSPIN machines.
  • Automated control of process parameters – Thanks to a unit of operations based on feedback-loop biological parameters such as pH, DO and glucose concentration are automatically controlled by the OSPIN machines.
  • The same monitoring interface – All machines of the same factory are programmed and monitored through the same browser-based user interface. Such an approach makes the comparison between data of different processes and machines very efficient and effective, eventually improving the process consistency and product quality.
OSPIN technology can help you overcome this challenge by automating it and later scaling it up or out. There’s no need to change your established process: we will adapt our technology to exactly fit the requirements of your process.

Advantages of an automated and closed system


Reduction of production cost

In the field of regenerative medicine production processes are very complex and sometimes require hundreds of manual steps. All these steps can be automated by an OSPIN system, reducing the production time, effort and costs.


Reduction of cross-contamination

OSPIN machines are automated, closed and sterile systems which reduce the need for manual intervention and the risk of sample contamination.


Automated documentation

All data produced during a process – sensor data, operation steps and user notes – are automatically saved in the cloud and accessible at all times to the authorized personal.


Improvements in productivity

The use of automated solutions for bioprocessing increases productivity by automatically conducting the production processes without break. Additionally, a very large number of OSPIN systems can be operated by a single person.


Improvements in reproducibility

As the whole system is automated, it removes human handling as a potential source of error. All production steps are standardized and produce the exact same results.

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