Modular Bioreactor Design

Modularity is the key

At OSPIN we create functional blocks combining hardware, firmware and software. These modules can then be combined into tailor-made solutions for bioprocessing – from R&D to industrial scale.

This approach allows of limitless expandability and upgradeability of our bioreactor systems.

Peristalic Pump

Continuous perfusion of the medium improves the mass transfer of nutrients and resulting in a more dynamic environment compared to static culture.

Gas Exchange 

Using our gas mixer you can both set the pH level in the medium and create specific cellular environments like hypoxia.

Temperature Control

Heat your medium and tissue to your desired temperature while also being able to control the temperature at any given time point.

pH & pOControl

Our system can integrate both pH and pOsensor that, in conjuction with the Gas Exchange module, help with the control of their levels in the medium.

Metabolite Sensor

Based on continuous monitoring you can actively control concentrations in the circulating medium by selectively feeding metabolites into the system.

Mechanical Stimulation

If your cell require mechanical stimulation to thrive, we can incorporate various methods of stimulation to help your experiments be a success.

Electrophysical Stimulation

Do you cells require electrical stimulation or do you want to measure their potential? We can measure biopotentials and you can control all the aspects of electrical stimulation.

Pulsatile Flow & Pressure

For applications in the cardiovascular field we have developed a pump system that allows for the exact recreation of the physiological pulsatile flow & pressure patterns.


Using this module you can keep track of your cells during your experiments – especially helpful for long-term experiments.

More modules to come..

We are always working hard to bring add more functions. Talk to us to learn more about current developments and how we can customize the bioreactors to your needs!

Combine the modules to create your own bioreactor

With our bioreactor configurator you can easily start designing the an OSPIN bioreactor system to your exact needs! 

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