As OSPIN strongly believes in engaging with the Researchers and the scientists, we are glad to participate in this interesting webinar in co-operation with Inštitut IRNAS and professional experts to discuss the impact of the Customisation of the technology within the bioprocesses, the webinar would be full of precious info about the production of cultured meat and cellular agriculture in general depending on the diversified board who will conduct this webinar:

Free Registration : Join it here – 1.Jul.2020 02:00 PM /12:00 UCT

* Dr. Ivana Gadjanski – Assistant director for science at BioSense – Development of sensors for bioreactors
* Dr. Jan Saam – CEO at OSPIN GmbH – Modular Bioreactor Design
* Scott Allan – Research Fellow and PhD student – Ellis Lab, University of Bath
* Luka Banović – Engineering Project Manager at IRNAS – Applied Custom Hardware Development