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We are developing a universal bioprocessing platform where different functional modules such as sensors or actuators can be combined freely to create customized systems covering a wide range of different applications.

Through an intuitive browser-based user interface, you can design automated bioprocesses, which can then be automatically carried out by your device. OSPIN cloud services allow you to monitor, manage and analyze the resulting bioprocess data online.

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OSPIN platform evolves with your project from R&D to an industrial application due to its high modularity and scalability feasibility.

Adaptive and stable bioprocess control

Biomimetic process environment

Iterative bioprocess development

Our platform offers temperature, pH and oxygenation control, glucose feeding, automatic media exchange, metabolite monitoring and removal of catabolites.

Biological conditions and processes are recreated by electrical and mechanical stimulation.

Intelligent cloud-based tools for bioprocess design, management and analysis improve and speed up your workflow.

Small to industrial production

Everything in yor pocket

With our flexible and automated platform bioprocesses can be effectively developed, optimized and scaled-up to industrial production.

Full remote control of the bioreactors, complemented with data storage, data analysis and data management tools in a user-friendly web browser environment.

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Application Examples 

Biomedical and tissue engineering applications

OSPIN accompanies you through your journey from the initial screening phase with low working volume to the medium and large production feasibility. Our devices are flexible and modular for any type of application and bioreactor type and size.

Generic bioreactor

Multi-purpose bioreactor extendable with custom-made modules for your special use

Our platform is commonly used in tissue engineering, medical research such as in implants and test systems, stem cell culturing, food technology,… and we are open to new possibilities!

Setup for cell cultivation

Circulating medium assures optimal nutrient supply and enables online measurement of process parameters. A gas exchanger allows to control pH and oxygen level in the medium.

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Perfusable cell insert bioreactor

Automated bioreactor with perfusable transwell chamber

Automate your tests

The cell chamber of OSPIN bioreactor can be adapted for each user and application. For example, in organotypic tissue culturing, customers might be interested in optimizing implant growth or development of new test systems, such as using automatically and remotely controlled cell inserts.

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Blood vessel bioreactor

Biomimetic tissue engineering of vascular systems

Set the right pulse for your cells

To assure the formation of a biomimetic blood vessel structure our system creates the right biomechanical environment to trigger self-organisation of the cells in 3D. Shear stress induced by flow causes endothelial cells to concentrate on the inner surface of the blood vessel model and form a confluent layer. Whereas smooth muscle cells detect periodic changes of tension associated with a pulsatile pressure profile, which leads to a tangential orientation of the cells around the blood vessel.

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Cardiac tissue bioreactor

Custom-made bioreactor integrating specific modules for succesful cardiomyocyte cultivation

Control the heart beat of your cells

OSPIN bioreactor systems are the ideal tool for complex tissue engineering and allow you to create biomimetic conditions. In addition to controlling basic bioprocess parameters your cardiomyocyte culture can be electrically and mechanically stimulated to simulate the physiological cardiac environment.

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Cultured meat

We are the first German company powering cultured meat

The global consumption of meat is rising while industrial live stock farming causes more and more environmental and ethical concerns. Cultured meat is an attempt to solve this problem. It is produced artificially from a small sample of animal cells in a bioreactor – without a large ecological footprint and animal suffering. OSPIN embarks on this journey by providing bioreactor technology and expertise to companies which face this challenging task.

In OSPIN, we provide solutions for a variety of challenges in the clean meat field ranging from bioprocess design to automated bioreactor systems. Our platform evolves with your project from early R&D all the way to industrial production.

We can change and include different modules to adapt to your needs.

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Integrate your module into our platform

Do you have a concept for a future product to develop?

Do you want to bring a new device to the market?

Would this device profit from being part of a platform?

At OSPIN, we have the knowledge and expertise to give context to your devices and ideas, upgrading their value, usability and potential, by integrating them into our adaptable modular platform. More concretely, we can open our APIs and help you with firmware and hardware development.

We build and integrate all types of external modules in our platform. If you have one or your are interested to develop one, ask for more information:

Connect your device to the OSPIN platform

Our hardware, firmware and web application is ready to integrate your device into our platform and equip it with a new world of possibilities: process digitalization, modularity, data storage and analysis, …

For instance, we opened a partnership with the company CELL-Tainer to equip their rocking motion bioreactors with our electronics, firmware and web application and make them part of the OSPIN world.

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Bioprocessing Modules

In OSPIN, we have already built different modular and scalable modules for your project:

Peristaltic Pump

Continuous perfusion of the tissue chamber.

The flowing medium improves the mass transfer of nutrients and oxygen and therefore results in a more physiological environment, when compared to static cells culture systems.

Medium Exchange

Forget changing medium on Sunday.

Define a rate with which fresh medium is added and used medium is removed. Alternatively you can control the exchange according to measured values such as pH, glucose, lactate, etc.

Temperature Control

Heat your tissue and medium to a desired temperature.

Moreover, you can freely choose different points in which the medium temperature is measured and controlled.

Gas Exchange/Bubble Trap

Dissolve soluble gases and remove unwanted air bubbles.

You can equilibrate dissolved gases with a given atmosphere. Depending on the gas mixture you feed into the system you can for instance ascertain a defined medium pH or recreate specific cellular environments such as hypoxia.

pH/pO2 Control

Control the pH and the pO2 of the medium.

For measuring we integrated Mettler Toledo probes. In conjunction with Gas Exchange you can also tightly control these values.

Metabolite Monitor

Continuously monitor glucose concentration.

Based on continuous monitoring you can actively control concentrations in the circulating medium by selectively feeding metabolites into the system.

Mechanical Stimulation

Bring your tissue to the fitness studio and monitor its progress

Are you working with muscle cells? This module can stretch or compress your tissue by different means, such as linear motors or pressurized air. You can also measure the applied force and the force produced by the cells.

Heart Beat Pump

Expose your tissue to a heart beat.

Enables perfusion with any desired dynamic pressure or flow profile. You can for instance reproduce pulsatile flow such as created by a beating heart. In addition floating cells are not squeezed.


Stimulate and measure your tissue electrical activity.

Are you working with neurons, muscle cells or any other electrically active tissue? This module can measure biopotentials and for electrical stimulation you can choose pulse shape, amplitude, pulse length and frequency.


Observe your tissue while your bioreactor is in operation.

Or let the microscope take pictures automatically at a given interval (for example every hour). Images series will then be ready to be analyzed.

Make-it-portable Module

Bring your setup anywhere

A battery and a small compressor make it independent from the electrical and compressed air networks.

Contact us if you do not find your ideal one! We are glad to help and improve with you!

OSPIN user interface

User-friendly user interface

Through our intuitive browser-based user interface, you can design automated bioprocesses, which can then be automatically carried out by your device. OSPIN cloud services allow to monitor, manage and analyze the resulting bioprocess data online. Additional value can be created by connecting the data with other cloud services such as electronic lab books.

We are also able to adapt to your needs and projects. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Product galery

Generic bioreactor with a lid

Generic bioreactor without the lid

Close-up tissue chamber

Bioreactor with OSPIN-made cell chamber for heart valve cells cultivation

Gas mixture chamber

Bioreactor for heart muscle cells cultivation