OSPIN Bioreactor Platform


Our Bioreactor Platform covers a wide array of applications – from regenerative medicine to cultured meat production.

User Interface

Build, control, monitor & share automated bioprocesses using our intuitive browser-based interface.

Modular System

Sensors, actuators & controllers can be easily combined to satisfy customers specific needs while maintaining full upgradeability.

Cell Culture Vessel

Based on standard consumables or custom-made to your needs we create the optimal solution to automate your bioprocess.

Design your own bioreactor

With our bioreactor configurator you can easily start designing the an OSPIN bioreactor system to your exact needs! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the OSPIN bioreactor platform and an incubator?

In our system not only temperature and pH are controlled. Many other functionalities such as automatic medium exchange, glucose measurement or mechanical cell stimulation can be integrated.

How are incubator functionalities integrated the OSPIN bioreactor system?

In our system temperature and pH are controlled. Furthermore, pH can be actively controlled, meaning that we are not simply setting a 5% CO2 environment but adapting the CO2 concentration to keep the pH at the desired target value set by the user.

Why should I use an OSPIN bioreactor instead of an incubator with a lab pump?

Automation – The OSPIN bioreactor system is fully automated, meaning for example that the medium is automatically exchanged and you don’t have to go to the lab on a Sunday to feed your cells.

Data accessibility – All process data, like sensor data and process settings, are saved in the OSPIN cloud and are accessible from everywhere. You can monitor your bioreactor from your desk, your home or a conference location.

Functionalities can upgraded – Extra functionalities, such as glucose and lactate measurement, can be easily added in a second step to the system. You can start simple and later on, when your bioprocess needs more monitoring and controlling, you can add extra sensors, actuator and controllers to the device.

How do you seed cells into the OSPIN bioreactor system?

To seed cells into the bioreactor system, the autoclaved fluid path has to be assembled in a sterile flow hood and the tissue chamber seeded with cells. Once the fluidic path is closed it can be placed into the OSPIN bioreactor system – outside of the flow hood – without risking contamination. Automated cultivation of the cells can then start.

Which parameters are monitored and controlled by the OSPIN bioreactor system?

In our system you can control

  • temperature
  • pH
  • glucose
  • medium exchange reate
  • oxygen concentration

Additionally, cells can be mechanically and electrically stimulated.

Upon request we can integrate other sensors & actuators


Can the OSPIN bioreactor system perform automatic medium exchange?

Yes, it is one of the core functionalities of our devices. You can set how often, which volume and at what pump rate the medium has to be exchanged.

Can the OSPIN bioreactor system automatically passage cells?

We are currently developing the functionality to automatically passage cells.

Can the OSPIN bioreactor system control hypoxia?

Yes, it can. The system integrates a gas mixer, where the oxygen flow can be regulated, as well as an oxygen sensor, meaning that cells can be exposed to controlled hypoxic conditions.

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