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For all applications OSPIN bioreactors offer 

Automatic medium exchange & perfusion

Cell culture medium in the OSPIN bioreactors is automatically exchanged by the machine at the rate you choose and perfused through the system. This helps to maintain optimal conditions for the cells.

Integrated heating & gas supply

OSPIN bioreactors come equipped with an integrated heating system and gas supply to maintain your cells at the exact conditions they require. No need for culturing in an incubator – all these functionalities are included.

Modern process control via web application

Bioprocesses running on OSPIN bioreactors are created and managed through our state-of-the-art Web Application. A recipe-based approach gives the user maximum flexibility in the process design. All data produced by the machine, such as sensor data, are stored in the cloud and are accessible from anywhere at any time.

Integration of sensors & actuators

A variety of sensors and actuators can be integrated into the OSPIN bioreactors to keep track of and control the parameters important to you. These include, for example pH and glucose levels in the perfusion medium.

The OSPIN bioreactor system is modular. That allows us to apply systems in different areas of research. Here our most popular fields of application:

Stem Cell Research

Both mesenchymal stem cell culture and induce pluripotent stem cells can easily be cultivated using the OSPIN bioreactors. The integration of mechanical or electrical stimulation can help with the differentiation and maturation process. In addition, different growth surfaces, e.g. scaffold, can be easily incorporated in the cell culture chambers.

Wolun-Cholewa et al PLoS ONE 2013; 8: e72936. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. 

Tissue Engineering

The variety of possibilities to stimulate tissue constructs is a great benefit of the OSPIN system. For example you can perfuse artifical blood vessels in a physiological flow pattern or stimulate muscle cells electrically and measure the force that is created.

Cardiac Tissue Culture

For cardiac tissue cultures, the OSPIN bioreactor platform can be extremely helpful. Due to the modularity of the system, mechanical and electrical stimulation can be combined to recreate the cellular microenvironment of cardiac cells. Measurement of the biopotential of the cells and the contractive force they produce is also possible.

Cultured Meat

Mass production of meat under current conditions is method considered to be very ressource heavy and harmful to animals. Cultured meat tries to change this by removing the animals from the equation and creating meat in bioreactors. This new technology still faces a variety of challenges but OSPIN can help you tackle them.

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