Modular Bioprocessing

Limitless possibilities in scalable bioprocess automation


Configure from building blocks

Discover some examples of our different modules

Design your bioprocess, costumize your bioreactor, get experience and adapt it 

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Scaling up

From R&D to industrial applications

Our R&D bioreactor are fully automated and can be easily scaled up.

Digital bioprocess

Data always ready in your pocket 

Analyze, share, compare with your colleagues and partners the bioprocess while having a continuous improvement


Always ready for your challenges

Our platform is ready to challenge many different fields. Learn more about our recent applications or ask our technical service 

Clinical diagnosis

Cultured meat

Stem cell

Food technology

Tissue engineering

Medium optimization

Your best solution

Modular bioreactors and services

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Fully customizable bioreactors, adaptable to every scenario


Bioreactor systems for the R&D phase up to industrial applications

3rd party modules

Add your module to our platform and join the OSPIN world

3rd party devices

Automate and digitize your device by hooking it up to our platform

Cultured meat

OSPIN is helping you developing your cultured meat bioprocesses

Cloud services

We offer advanced cloud features tailored to your needs

3r party cloud

Connect your cloud functions with the OSPIN cloud  


Develop your bioprocess and find the suitable technology

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OSPIN offers you

Tailored on your bioprocess

Improved process reproducibility

Digital bioprocessing

Better time to market

Customize your device by choosing between a wide range of modules.

Automation makes you save time and money.

No matter where, your data is always available.

Be faster than your competitors.

Take advantage of the OSPIN platform and get personal consultancy

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