We aim to establish an open bioprocessing platform as the operating system of modern biotechnology.


Jan Saam

After his PhD in biophysics, Jan worked many years as software developer and product designer. The OSPIN idea put down roots when he was working as Innovation Manager and became a reality a few years later, when he decided to found the company. Now, as CEO, he develops the business concept and he is resposible for strategy, marketing, customers contact and user experience. In his free time he enjoys running with his son.


Nina Buffi

Microengineer by training, Nina got fascinated by the interaction between engineering and biology during her PhD, when she developed a biosensor for the detection of arsenic in water. As CTO, she develops strategies how to grow the company through optimal use of resources and marketing, she coordinates the different teams and helps customers developing their bioprocesses. In her free time she loves playing tennis and surfing.

Firmware and Hardware Team

Rafel Estelrich-Moreno

Born in Mallorca, studied telecommunications engineering in Barcelona and settled in Berlin after going on Erasmus to write his diploma thesis in Dresden. Jumped from one start-up to another, trying to figure out what to do with his life until he discovered his passion for prototyping. Has since been involved in many crazy IoT projects, including sending fresh pictures of the insides of your fridge directly to your phone. Now in OSPIN he is bringing artificial hearts into life and figuring out how to make his own burger meat without spilling a single drop of blood.

Tim Potié

Tim is a Mechatronics Engineer, with a varied background from interacting and working in different cultures and countries.
Previously having worked with multinational companies and departments, in the roles of Project Manager, R&D Assistant and Engineer, he is always interested in taking on new challengs. At OSPIN he works on the Hardware and the Firmware side of things. He likes travelling and to have a chat, if you bump into him while you’re out, come say hi!

Irfaane Soomauroo

Irfaane studied Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Science Hamburg. He has experience in embedded programming and electronics design. At OSPIN he is responsible for building the electronics in the bioreactors and making sure everything is working just right. He does tae-kwon-do and is interested in spirituality.

Ander Goya Aguirre

Ander started his studies in electronic engineering in Spain and pursued them in Germany. In the last years he specialized in bioelectronics. At OSPIN he builds bioreactors hardware and develops the electronics for new sensors and actuators. He is passionate about music and in his free time he likes playing guitar.

Mechanics Team

Adel Ahmed

Adel is a mechanical engineer with an excellent knowledge in microproduction and structural mechanics, which he developed during his studies and work experience. At OSPIN he manages the mechanics team and he is in charge of development and production of bioreactors, as well as of quality standards. Adel loves spending time with his family and he is involved in social activities.

Carlotta Bricchi

Mechatronic engineer, Carlotta always had a passion for mechanical engineering and its application, which led her to work for international companies. At OSPIN she is in charge of developing new projects, as well as of producing and testing mechanical components for bioreactors. In her free time she loves traveling and playing football.

Paul Dobrovolskij

Paul studied mechanical engineer in production technology and has many years of experience in material properties and nondestructive testing. At OSPIN he is in charge of bioreactor production, material testing and quality check. In his free time he loves going to the Cinema and maintening his car.

Web App Team

Viktor Diezel

Viktor has an engineering background but decided to proceed a career in software development. Together with his colleague Peter he works on the next generation of the OSPIN WebApp. He hates the word “Work-Life-Balance”.

Petros Karkanis

Petros studied Computer Engineering at the University of Central Macedonia in Greece. He always had a passion for software development and at OSPIN he could realize his dream of becoming a software developer. After having explored and developed different aspects of our Web Application for more than 2 years, now he focuses mainly on the frontend, working as Front End Developer. In his free time he does CrossFit.


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