The OSPIN platform provides solutions for a variety of challenges in the clean meat field ranging from bioprocess design to automated bioreactor systems.  Our platform evolves with your project from early R&D all the way to industrial production.

We are the first German company powering clean meat

The global consumption of meat is rising while industrial live stock farming causes more and more environmental and ethical concerns. Cultured meat is an attempt to solve this problem. It is produced artificially from a small sample of animal cells in a bioreactor – without a large ecological footprint and animal suffering. OSPIN embarks on this journey by providing bioreactor technology and expertise to companies which face this challenging task.

You face challenges - we have solutions


Adaptive and stable bioprocess control

Our platform offers temperature, pH and oxygenation control, automatic media exchange, metabolite monitoring, Glc feeding and catabolites removal.

From small scale to industrial production

With our flexible and automated platform bioprocesses can be effectively developed, optimized and scaled-up to industrial production.

Optimal nutrient and oxygen supply

Our perfusion-based reactor systems enable superior mass transport and provide automatic media exchange.

Biomimetic process environment

Electrical and mechanical stimulation recreate natural process conditions.

Iterative bioprocess development

Intelligent cloud-based tools for bioprocess design, management and analysis improve and speed up your workflow.