Custom-made bioreactor integrating specific modules for succesful cardiomyocyte cultivation.

Control the heart beat of your cells

OSPIN bioreactor systems are the ideal tool for complex tissue engineering and allow you to create biomimetic conditions. In addition to controlling basic bioprocess parameters your cardiomyocyte culture can be electrically and mechanically stimulated to simulate the physiological cardiac environment.

OSPIN Modules

OSPIN’s modular approach allows you to combine generic bioprocessing modules such as temperature and pH control with application specific modules.

Electrical Stimulation

Use electrical impulses with controllable pulse width and frequency to trigger cell contraction.


Mechanical Stimulation

Expose your cells to linear stretching and measure the force generated by the beating cells with the help of an integrated force sensor. Alternatively you can apply a pressurized air powered 3D stretching pattern to your tissue model imitating the physiology of the heart.